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BERNIE was born in SALFORD on December 08, 1962. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his family and friends unfortunatly Bernie mix alchol and tablets and this cause his untimly death he was 44years old.


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Dear Bernie Its your fourth Angel Day how time Flies Son. Lots have happened since my last visit,First the good news Little Bro Rob has met Claire and they are very much in love, They have moved in together and are very happy I have never seen Rob so content with his life, lets hope it last Bernie. Rob being happy and so much in love has made my life easier Im not worrying the same, But my constant ill health is really getting me down it makes me depressed and have deep dark thoughts, Bernard Time has not taken the heartahe away I still cry for england and I miss you more & more each day Nothing or no one will make my heart whole again But one day Bernie we will meet again and it will be tears of joy and a song in my heart. Love You Forever & Ever Always My Beloved Bernie xxxxx Mum xxxxx
May 1st, 2011
Hello Bernie Today is your 3rd Angel Year in Heaven Rob & I miss you more each day but know you are at peace with all our Family Our lives will go on till God calls our name then my Son we will be reunited once again xx Love You Forever & Ever Always Bernard xxx Mum, Rob xxx
April 28th, 2010
Dear Bernie As my 65th birthday approaches my heart feels sad as your anniversary is just 4 days after 3 years you have been gone and every single day your presence has been sorley missed by myself and brother Rob your talked about every day and we sometimes have a laugh at the memories of us together we love you dearly never forget your only a thought away Bernie Love You Forever & Ever Always Son xxxxxxx Mum & Rob xxxxxxx
April 9th, 2010